DragonPharmCo.,LTD was found in 1988. As a professional medicine agent, we collaborate with multinational corporation engage in marketing medicine, medical materials. We proactively expand sales channels of hospitals, clinics, drug stores and medical device stores in Taiwan. Provided high-quality products and most diversified services to the publics, doctors and clients.

DragonPharm placed "product quality" as the first priority for more than 30 years. Medicine will not be careless due to its moral conscience that related to human health and quality of life. While the government is promoting the division of medical, improving health insurance system and upgrading concept of public drug use, DragonPharm is also improving and providing better medical resources and service.


Customer focus and Earn Trust
Our vision is to cultivate our personnel with professional medical knowledge, as the same time provide best service and the highest quality products to customers. Thus, be able to gain customers satisfaction, and earn trust.


Corporate Social Responsibility/Public Welfare

Corporate Social Responsibility is a part of DragonPharm's business. We take part in various fields such as corporate governance, customer care, employee benefit, environmental protection, and social participation. Upholds the concept of "Taken from society, given back to society"

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